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One of our users, when opening a document in MS Office 2016 (mostly Word and Excel) in an Office 365 connected environment is almost always being asked to login to Office 365, even though he's logged in with his browser previously. The login often just asks for his email address and when the Work or Microsoft account screen opens he's logged in automatically. 


This happens most often when he opens the file from within the Office program and never when opening a document from SharePoint Online of Office 365.

We're using AAD and Workgroups, not AD.


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance, 


Barry Cohen

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I had this issue a short time ago and it was something to do with the account associated with office. To fix it, I removed all the accounts from Office through the File in Word and then shut down and restarted the machine I then added the account back in and it solved the problem.
There are some articles on this but I haven't got the references as they also have an additional step to clean up the registry if needed.
We have also found with some of the clients we support, the only options was to delete their profile and create a new one. The outcome of this though probably has the same affect of removing accounts and cache.
Thanks Alan, I hadn't thought of that one. We'd done so many other things including all the trusted site ones. I have a feeling though that you nailed it. Next week when the man is back at the office

I have seen this and as per Alan's sugestion you simply need to sign out and back in with your org accoun to any of the office apps.

I've seen cases where the checkbox in the login process to keep the credentials has not been checked. That led to additional popups upon opening of documents.

I have the same issue with some users. Logging out and back in in Office didnt help :(

In the post from Alan he tells about some registry cleanup. Can anyone give me a link for instructions ?