Conect two domains of Office 365, is posible?

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Hi !!


We have 2 diferents domains subscription into  Office 365 ( and , how can make to connect/share users from to This because we need to add that users to Lists, Groups, Classroom, or Sharepoint apps.


This is posible?



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Do you have two separate Office 365 tenants?  You can have multiple domains in an Office 365 tenant.  Example:  You sign up for a new Office 365 tenant and you get and add your custom domain (  Now you will have two domains, the default and  Yes, you can add your subdomains as well. and  When you look at the Domains screen you will see them all.  As you provision users, you will have the option to select the domain for that user.


Now, if you do have separate tenants, as far as I know now, you cannot have a two-way trust with different Office 365 tenants.  You can migrate one tenant to the other.


If you need to keep the Office 365 tenants separate you set up sharing from the services to the other users.

You could use B2B to some extend - it will allow more easy collaboration. In unified experience is required i suggest to do a tenant migration and consolidate everything in one tenant.


Note: That B2B is evolving and that with the upcoming GA uses provisioning will become more user friendly then the current CSV's.


Also note that users won't be visible in the drop down lists (for now) you will need to enter upn#ext as username