Coauthoring (autosaving) with a WebDav Network Drive

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In the recent insider build of Office 365 for Apps (2306) we seem to have lost the ability to auto save in our webdav network drives, this feature works fine in 2305 and below, our customers are starting to get this upgrade and notice now the coauthoring/autosave isn't working anymore.


Can anyone give me the actual release notes instead of Microsoft website just says "bug fixes released" I could do with knowing what was released between 2305 > 2306 so we can have a proper idea of what we are looking at from a code point of view.


Or - has a bug been introduced in 2306 and Microsoft are unaware of this in the 2306 version?


Any help appreciated.



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@Kidd_Ip No, I've looked at those and the build I'm now on doesn't mention anything about WebDav Protocol.


Something has definitely changed 2305 latest stable current release is working fine. 2306 which is latest preview I can get my hands on, webdav doesn't work with this version. 

And I have tested 2307 in the beta branch as well to see if this was a blip, but its broken there as well, so this is a roll forward change that has broken auto save in webdav network drives.

@CurtBlunt2210 I have noticed this too, causing no end of problems with users setup in the WebDAV method of accessing SharePoint. Unfortunately these users have SharePoint libraries that contain hundreds of thousands of files and as such OneDrive sync just does not function.


For the time being I am directing affected users to the SharePoint Online website and have set the default method to open within Desktop Apps - far from ideal and users are rightly not happy with this method.


Hopefully this gets fixed soon.