Changing the color of a group in calendar

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Hi all,


On the page i've some calendars and calendars in a group. Is there a way to change the color of a group in the overview and on the calendar itself? It is in the circle, green. How can i alter the green to (for example) red or yellow?


It's online on, not in a client.


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@LMA78_nl right of the name you should have 3 dots to open the menu where you can choose the preferred color:


The dots only appear when you hover over them. (or at least for me, they did)

@Davy_A that's only for personal calendars, not group calendars. I see the dots at the personal or separate calendars

@LMA78_nl Sorry, missed the group part. Doubt that's possible. If it's a Teams team, you could set a specific color for the meetings, but that's a bit cumbersome. If nobody else comes up with a way to change the color, you can always add it to the feedback portal and hope it gets added in a future release.

Thanks, however the link to the feedback portal doesn't work .. this one i think