Change users to not sync as remote workers

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Is it possible to change existing users to stop synching and only use cloud in a browser? 


We have all users synching to the cloud with files locally. We would prefer they not have the static files residing on the local drive if the laptop gets lost or stolen. Can we change them at the user level to only operate in the cloud and remove the local files that exist now ? 


Is this something we can do with Groups or Org settings ? We will need some to still synch, but majority can operate in a browser. 


We are using MS 365 for Business, and the AD component is not fully functional. It will register workstations but any management from that is hit or miss, since we do not license Intune or MDM. 





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you mean using OneDrive ?
Actually I mean both, this article is great for Onedrive, we also have corporate folders in Sharepoint. These are even more important to stop local copies with synching.

Thanks, I get the 2 mixed up.

@texupport simply from your One Drive settings, navigate to advanced settings and from the Files On-Demand section click on free up disk space and this will keep the files online without any local copies 






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