Change connect to outlook calendar default bahaviour

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when using Onenote to take notes from within a meeting invite, the connector allows for the user to select a Notebook, section, page where the notes are going to be stored.


If I choose for the connector to place my notes always in the same page, it prompts me to confirm that the notes will be added on top of the current content. When I confirm, the default behaviour is that the new notes (with all the meeting details) will go within the same note container, but on top of the previous content. This is very useful when creating meeting notes for recurrent meetings.


What I would like to do is to be able to change the way the notes are being placed in the onenote page and have them inserted on the side of the existing notes, within a different container or even better within a table cell.


Does anyone knows if this is possible and how to achieve it?

Thank you

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@Rui Cabral You can manually drag this information to the right but there is no way to prompt it from Outlook. I also recommend using separate pages for each meetings in one section. You can even make a page template and set it as the default for new pages in that section so all notes have the same layout!