Cannot set a page size in OneNote For Windows 10

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Can anybody please explain why Microsoft would remove the ability to set a page size in OneNote for Windows 10, when it was in OneNote 2016? I would like to buy a Surface Pro and use OneNote for my note taking app in classes that I teach, but this one thing is keeping me from doing so. So for now, I''m stuck with using an Ipad Pro with Goodnotes as the note taking app. While that works fine, I do not like being in the Apple Ecosystem, as they make many other things difficult to do. Sometimes, I really don't understand how software developers think. The code to do this was already in 2016. Why remove it? Make the continuous page an option if you want, but why remove the ability to set a page size altogether. Makes absolutely no sense. 

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I agree, its pointless to use if i plan on printing anything as i often cant guess write inside the page size i need, and then the printed version cuts off at random places and i waste a lot of time cropping and adjusting what I've written just to make it printable in a more pleasant and easy to read way. I like the infinity page for brainstorming (tasks that i dont need to print or send to someone who doesnt have one note), but thats not a large portion of my need/use of one note.
Can there please be an update to add the feature of setting page size. Without the function, I can't do most of the things i need to use it for without wasting hours of my time cropping and checking print preview.

@Girackano Sad thing is, they had that feature then removed it.