Cannot install Office 365 ProPlus on more than one device

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Hi everyone, 


One of my user cannot install Office 365 ProPlus on more than one device. He doesn't have the download link on the main page anymore and when he goes into the account page, he sees a message saying "You cannot install Office on more than on PC." Any idea why and how to change that? 


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Can you check what licence they have assigned in the admin portal, in the users section? They should be permitted 5 installs if they have a licence that includes Office 365 ProPlus, which should be listed under apps in the Licence and Apps section of the portal for the given user.  In the Account section for the user, you can check Office activations by opening 'Manage office activations'.

He has "Office 365 A3 for Students" assigned and Office ProPlus is Checked


Office A3 for Students.png


on the following window, in french, it is written that he can install Office on only 1 PC.



And in Account




Thanks for the additional information, that licence looks to have a restriction of only 1 install of Office, which matches the screenshots and the error that was originally mentioned. 


This documentation actually alludes to having 5 installs available but perhaps there are different versions that vary in this way. This difference could be to do with the student versus faculty and staff options but if it is, I can't see it mentioned anywhere.


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The product page goes on about "Desktop versions of Office on up to 5 PCs or Macs per user" as well but this clearly isn't the case here.  Might be worth reaching out to however supplied the licences and just clarifying what was included or contacting Microsoft support and asking about the discrepancy.