Cannot access Share settings

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I can no longer access my share settings in my OneNote for Windows 10. I get the following error when i click on the share button. Any ideas on how to fix?








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Did you ever figure out a solution @SteveTissier I am having the same issue today.


Go up to the top right of the one note where your name is, click your name and sign out of your account. Then it should prompt you to sign back in with a valid work or school MS Account. Log back in with your domain/O365 credentials, and then try to share again. Sharing permissions can get a little weird occasionally especially when working via VPN. 

Good Luck!@Lboromei1980 


Worked like a charm, thanks!


Wow actually works even for a school account.

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Dropping a note to thank @Riot1008 for sharing.

Had the same error code when using my office account, it works too! :)

I'm noticing that this error message is recently showing up within  2021 does anyone know whether they will have a fix for this@Riot1008 

@SteveTissier Hi sir I did a project for my school and iam not able to save it

please find a sollution for me

@jwms922 This is happening for my users as well

@SteveTissier A simpler solution I found was to just refresh the page, I had the same issue with a Word Document.

dit vind ik niet zo leuk. ik wil een project delen maar dat LUKT NIET!!!:facepalm: