Can't open different sections in OneNote Online

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When opening up a notebook online in Edge or Firefox, I'm unable to browse to other sections. In Chrome, it works fine. All browsers are latest and 64 bit.

To reproduce...

1. Log in to

2. Click on OneNote

3. Open a notebook. Everything loads okay.

4. Click to go to another section

5. A spinning wheel appears next to the section name and spins indefinitely. Image attached.




Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix?

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@Simon_L We are also having this problem with OneNote online. 



We are also having the same issue. Has been non stop issues all day with OneNote!

@Simon_LI logged out and logged back in, which fixed it. My problem now is that OneNote is showing each tab as a separate notebook. It makes it difficult to build a good file structure.

0 issues here. No offense intended but sharing all stages of the spinning wheel makes it difficult for me to take this seriously; what's the relevance here?

Anyway, I can't help wonder if you're not having connection problems. So: the first items got pulled up from cache and then things had to load, resulting in the problems manifesring themsleves.
No offense, ShelLuser, but how is your comment relevant? Your second paragraph is helpful; the first is just mean-spirited.
@Carolfluter Considering you're not the OP ill keep it short.. Adding all those pictures doesn't add anything usefull, and when talking about tech details matter. This adds nothing usefull.

You may not enjoy my message, that does not imply bad intentions.