Can't open a shared notebook in OneNote 2016 (Desktop)

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When I am open a shared notebook (Read only) in onenote online the "open in Desktop" icon is not there, or actually it is there but disappears shortly (like a fraction of a second) after the noteboook is opened.

If on the other hand I go to OneDrive and open the same notebook from the shared with me folder, an "Edit in Microsoft OneNote" icon is displayed, which allows me to open the notebook in  OneNote 2016.


Other colleagues also has a problem with the same notebook but they do not get the "Edit" icon when opened from OneDrive so they can not open the notebook in OneNote 2016 (Desktop version).


I don't think the problem is related to how the notebook is shared as I have experienced this same problem with other notebooks.


Does anyone have the same problem?

I wold be very happy if someone knows why this happens and what the solution could be, as I have to share notebooks with about 1000 students and 100 teachers next year.

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A student of mine had a similar problem. Thanks for posting your solution!