Can I view the individual .one files for an Office365 Notebook?

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We're looking to move form a network share based OneNote Notebook to a MS Teams/Sharepoint based Notebook.  I found that I can open the online and local based in my Desktop OneNote to easily drag the tabs over but I want to be able to see the .one files online just to show everyone that things are copying and migrating just fine.


I've looked in Sharepoint and can find the main link to the notebook but it just opens up OneNote which isn't what I want.  I just want to see the files that represent each tab in OneNote.  Can I do that with an online Notebook?



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Does opening the SharePoint document library in windows explorer help?
Library Ribbon tab > Open with Explorer.

I'm doing everything through the web interface or in MS Teams.  I can find the shortcut that opens the Notebook but I'm trying to find the files for each individual tab (assuming they exist).


In local OneNote, there's the TOC file and then a .ONE file for every Tab/Section in the notebook.  Just trying ti figure out if it's the same with online onenote.