Business Std Subscription and no email account?

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My registered credit card as payment method expired.  I forgot to renew on time and then once I received a notice of delete account, I reactivated my subscription and changed my payment method information with my new business credit card an everything went just fine.


Now, when I log in to the Office 365 Portal, I won't see any of the MSOffice apps such as Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Excel and the like.  Also, I won't receive any email at all at my registered business address.  


When I navigate to the Active Users, my own user is registered and has a valid license Business Std license, and still won't have any email subscription as it's said.  How's that?  Isn't a license of Exchange Online included into my Business Std subscription?


How can I get access back to my emails?  Especially that I have paid my renewal with Office 365 using the new payment method.


Also, I just verified my subscription status and it says that it's active.

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