Bug in latest ADMX templates for Office ProPlus (outlk16.admx)

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Version: 4768.1000 / Date published: 1/18/2019


It seems that the latest Outlook ADMX template has an error in the XML structure: at the end after the closing </policies> tag, there is another child item with tag <policy> that should included IN the <policies> structure - see below.



<policy name="L_DisableOnlineModeAuthDiagnostics" class="User" displayName="$(string.L_DisableOnlineModeAuthDiagnosticsDisplay)"


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There is an additional bug that has not been fixed since Office 2010 (!) related to DisableCrossAccountCopy: https://support.microsoft.com/en-ph/help/2479719/outlook-policy-template-deploys-disablecrossaccount...

@Johan Vanaken thank you for reporting this issue.  We have verified that the XML in outlk16.admx is not valid and we are working on a solution.

The latest version of the ADMX templates have been published.

Great, but a missed opportunity to correct this bug in Outlk16.admx that now celebrated its 6th anniversary :(



See https://support.microsoft.com/en-ph/help/2479719/outlook-policy-template-deploys-disablecrossaccount...

thanks for follow-up!