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Good afternoon all,


I am trying to figure out my best approach so I am asking for some ideas or thoughts.  I want to create a digital "whiteboard" at home.  I am working from home and want something I can look up and see what I need to focus on next.  I have a 43" TV that I can use to connect up to my personal computer which I can access my corporate Office 365 account.  


At work I have an access/sql database I use to track my request from users.  What I want to do is to create some type of output that I can use with Office 365.  I tried OneNote but I have to update the list or run a report and copy and paste it into OneNote.  Then I thought about ToDo, but can I have it get the data from SQL database?  Is there something in SharePoint that I could use?  My goal is to have whatever means I display my list pull the data from SQL.  It would be nice to use something within Office 365 then I could use my phone as well.


One thought I did have was to create something in Excel and have Excel pull the data from SQL and create a "dashboard" to display it.  I could place a button that would let me do a refresh,


Thanks for your time,


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