Basic Authentication will be deprecated

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Hi everyone,


we got the news today for our M365 Apps.

"You are receiving this message because our reporting indicates one or more users in your organization are using basic authentication to access resources."


How can we find out which services/endpoints are using basic auth?

We are having hundreds of customer systems we connect to and do not manage.

Basic authentication sign-in prompts are blocked by default in Microsoft 365 Apps - Deploy Office | ...




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Thanks but it does not cover "other tenants" or other services. I only can see my tenant.
We already blocked basic auth some time ago.
But our customers may not - how can i found out if that is the case?

@StephanGee Not sure I understand. You manage your own tenant and how the authentication works for incoming connections/sign-ins, i.e. What you allow or not. You might have blocked legacy authentication with CA and/or with the Authentication policy? Conditional Access policies are enforced after first-factor authentication is completed. If you implement Authentication policies (from the M365 admin portal or New/Set-Authentication policy, you stop connections before a sign-in can be attempted.