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I cannot find any way to back up all my onenote notebooks (onenote app-not 2016).


Currently they are stored by onenote default in the documents folder in onedrive. 


How can you backup all the notebooks so they can be stored in a backup site other than onedrive?

I've been in touch with Level 3 tech, and by Twitter, BUT NO ONE HAS A SOLUTION.


Think about this: if a problem happens with your account or the MS server, all the work is gone. I have 40 notebooks with at least 5,000 pages. How do I protect that?

-i can't download folders that were created within the onenote app online

-i have to download others one at a time.


Example: with Evernote, i can export all of the files into a .enex file, i can then take that and store it in multiple places.

if a disaster occurs, i can then download it, and using the Evernote app i can reconstruct my entire database.


Why can't we do that in Onenote?


Surely I can't be the only one who wants to have a backup of all their work?

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Hi @jtwig 


I had a conversation on here recently on this subject. Best I've found so far is a workaround where a copy is made of the notebook automatically within OneDrive at scheduled points so you have something of a point-in-time for a notebook should something happen to the main notebook.


I'm not aware of any method to to download all of your details outside of OneDrive or to shift them over to a OneDrive.





Hi Mark,


I just find it incredible and annoying that we have to find a workaround to a very basic issue, protecting our work.

I just had a talk with a Level 3 Tech who said that there is no solution.

The only way to get one is to get enough people asking for it.

In other words, it appears that the software engineers overlooked it-or used a route that didn't allow them to include it. What do you think? Is it worthwhile to ask them, or just leave it?

For me, as long as this issue remains, I can't trust the app and would rather find an alternative-which likely means going back to 2016, although they said they wanted people to migrate.


He said he was going to send me a link that would take me to their site where you can put in suggestions or ideas etc. If you would like, i can forward that to you. I'm going to do it, got nothing to lose (don't expect much, though)

@jtwig I think this blog may provide you some helpful tips on onenote- 


@djduvadda thank you for that, I appreciate it. it did give me some ideas, but, unfortunately, the back up problem still exists

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Please see for a discussion of several more backup workarounds.


There is also a way to export OneNote notebooks on the consumer side if you store notebooks using your Microsoft Account.  Please see for instructions.


But, as you say, the backup problem still exists.  The above are bandaids not solutions.


There are several uservoice entries asking to add backups to the OneNote App for Windows 10. I posted a comment to the forum moderator to consolidate these so the votes are added up cumulatively, and so the developers have a consolidated view of all of our requirements.


If you want MSFT to add a backup feature to OneNote App for Windows 10, please add your voice to


@Steven Seligman  thanks for that, I've gone ahead and voted-but I have seen other areas where there are similar discussions as well, so I agree, they should all be consolidated.