Awareness of temporary adjustments in Microsoft OneNote

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Awareness of a temporary adjustment for file attachments in OneNote

To best support OneNote customers worldwide during these unprecedented times, we're making a temporary adjustment to the download limit of file attachments in OneNote. We do not expect this change to impact most users, but we wanted to make you aware and share best practices.


We'll restrict the download of file attachments to 100MB. Most OneNote clients limit file uploads to 50MB, so this shouldn't impact most attachments, but there are scenarios that permit larger files that will no longer successfully download without one of the following workarounds:


  1. Attach as a cloud file — This is the best way to ensure that others can access the file without restrictions. If you have access to the file, upload the attachment to SharePoint Online first and then link to the attachment from within the Notebook. (If you are using OneNote for Windows 10, you can do this in one step by using Insert > File > Upload to OneDrive and insert link.) Attaching as a cloud file lets others with access to the notebook view your attachment without any size restrictions. If you don't have access to the original file, use either of the two workarounds listed below to obtain the file, and then attach it as a cloud file.
  2. Open your notebook in OneNote for the web (go to and then click the purple Sign in button) and save the attachment by right-clicking the attached file and then clicking Save As.
  3. Use OneNote 2016 or another desktop version of OneNote to download the attachment. 


Thank you!

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@mtilson Completely agree we need a clear message

@Rubber_Band_Man  We have this on all my team channels as of last week, i am researching to see if it is a general config error in our organization, although the timing seems a little odd considering they have been working for over a year before hand and the service reduction of onenote in teams. Let us know if you find anything on your end!

Todo mundo gosta de ler e fazer letras óbvio o entendimento secos e molhados, combatendo o coronavírus e todos malvares, Nos Canais precisa-se de melhorar configurações salubre, ideais e pensamento bem intencionados, é bom sinal de mais acerto para todos com êxito.

@OneNotePM Can this change be impacting Windows 10 UWP OneNote SEARCH?  Does OneNote UWP search in the cloud or use a local file? Search has JUST started to get flakey in Windows 10 UWP.

Hi  @OneNotePM ,


Do you have any idea if such changes *may* impact other operations like "OneNote Web Clipper" for Edge? Albeit it is indeed an upload operation, I have been experiencing recently some bad experiences. Maybe it is just timing coincidence.  But, for sure, sites where Web Clipper used to work nicely now it fails. And I don't believe that anything on those sites have changed.


Please have a look at my post:

OneNote Web Clipper for Edge no longer working on sites it used to do 


Note: my machines are not Teams enabled.


Hi @OneNotePM,

I have just tried with a brand-new OneNote notebook and it works perfectly for the same sites I was facing problems. It seems to me I have reached some sort of upper limit. See

Nevertheless, I firmly believe that a dedicated error message could have been used to guide user through the solution.
Thanks for reading.