Automate Office 365 Outlook profile creation - can it be done?

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When new user logs in to new machine Outlook prompts to press connect button before profile is created. Can you skip showing this connect screen and go directly to Outlook? ZeroConfigExchange -registry keys doesn't help with skipping this one. We have Azure AD Connect configured with Seamless SSO so it would be nice to skip this screen too. 



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Hi @Damon Weelros.  This is very similar to another thread I took a shot at and validated in my lab.

Can you take a look at my Notes? This is silent and works for me.

Hi @Dave Guenthner . I taked a look at your notes. There is only a ZeroConfigExchange registry key and it doesn't work for me. I have modern auth and SSO working. 


Can you confirm that when you have new fresh user logging in and clicking Outlook icon it goes directly to inbox without ANY prompts? 


I think it's not possible to get rid of that Outlook prompt.

@Damon Weelros Sorry you're running into trouble.  I've tested and re-validated this twice and it does work for me, no prompts whatsoever.  Using process monitor would be a good place to start troubleshooting to inspect whether Outlook process on launch is checking for the registry key or any others with similar name etc. (Make sure you're using recent version of Office 365 ProPlus and have reviewed external links I shared in case I missed something in my explanation)


Worst case, reach out to MS Support and get another set of eyes on it but from my tests it did work.