Auto update from 1803 to 1808? When?

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We have deployed (via Portal) Office proplus 2016 with Semi-Annual channel. All installations are still on this version. When do we get the next version 1808? We have no GPO (and don't want to) and no software deployment tool. We are waiting for a auto update. When we trigger the 'update now' button for a office product like Word we are getting updates but no version update from 1803 to 1808. What can we do?

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That's interesting, that update should already be available since January 8th on the Semi-Annual Channel and you should have been updated already.


My understanding this is the only thing that can stop that from happening by default if updates are enabled accordingly but it doesn't sound relevant in your case:


You could try an Online Repair, and see if that pulls the latest update.


I am waiting for a reply from a affected end user.

@Robert K 


What is the scope of the issue:


Is it only this affected user? or more?

As mentioned already SAC has had the 1808 update since Jan 8th.  The current release is: Version 1808 (Build 10730.20304)


Update Options > Update Now should force an update to the latest build in SAC which is Version 1808 (Build 10730.20304)  


Troubleshooting this issue:

Validate and report back what is present in the below registry keys



UpdateChannel ->

UpdateURL ->

UpdatesEnabled ->


If not the registry I would verify that your users can hit