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Good Afternoon,

Apologies if this has been covered before but I was struggling to find a similar post.

I'm looking to use Servicing to manage 365 updates but want to test this on a small group of users first of all. Whilst setting this up I then realised it's based on the Update Channel so I've changed 2 devices from 'Current Channel' to 'Monthly Enterprise' using command prompt:

OfficeC2RClient.exe /changesetting Channel=MonthlyEnterprise

This in turn appears to update:


but the UpdateChannel key is still set to:


After making those changes I've run the "Office Serviceability Manager" scheduled task however only "Current Channel" and "Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel" are listed.


Have I missed a step or misunderstood something?


Many thanks




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With running the (unsupported!) command line you "just" instructed the device to perform a channel change the next time it runs an update pass. So you could trigger the Office Automatic Updates 2.0 task or open an app and go to file > account > update now to perform an update (and the actual transition to the Monthly Enterprise Channel). Only after that the MEC channel will be reported in the inventory and Servicing Profile would deem the device as "in scope" and keep it updated.
Thanks very much Martin.