Applescript or Automator to bulk delete Outlook calendar items older than X months or years?

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Some searching has led me to believe that Outlook is scriptable using AppleScript.


I'm wondering if it would be possible to create a script that will ask for a length of time, or a date, and then delete all calendar items in Outlook that are older than that? And if so, are there any AppleScript experts here who could help do that?




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Hi @scottmcc

There are some repositories with AppleScript examples that may contain solution or direction.
Take a look at this link:

@scottmcc Did you find a solution? I have had to rebuild my profile several times and when I do, I get flooded with meetings from 2014 forward, including any recurring meetings that were set up without an ending date. I always cancel the series, but I can't figure out where they "live" to cancel them permanently.