Any possible solution to bypass &/or manage Item limitation of ONLY 20,000 items for OneNote Web cli

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Any possible solution to bypass &/or manage Item limitation of ONLY 20,000 items for OneNote Web clipper to work or pull up the Notebooks.

See following article which shows up as link to the error:
OneNote API calls fail with a large number of items in a SharePoint document library | Microsoft Doc...

Error message that comes up in the Webclipper extension of MS Edge states: 

"We couldn't load your notebooks because a list limit was exceeded in OneDrive. Learn More"

The learn more in the Error message is the link above. An article which supports this error message.

This came as a total surprise which dramatically affects the use of OneNote Webclipper/ OneNote/ MS 365. 


Tried to consider "Send to OneNote" extension but there is no information about the privacy and security of data utilizing a 3rd party extension. If there is any other alternative extension or application that can be used to clip web pages- the screen clipper- take screen clipping works but I cannot take full page screen captures with this tool.

Web clipper is the only extension/tool/application to take web page screen captures into OneNote notebooks that I am aware of, but the limit prevents loading the notebooks to clip into- thus i am looking for another option if possible or fix the limit to load the Notebooks to clip into. Despite all comments in the link above from various people (frustrated & disappointed) there remains no solution till date is surprising in a MS world. Should I consider AWS ?? This article of limitation is from 2016 September and for SharePoint but we are using MS 365 now.

Thank you for your consideration and any comments would be appreciated to find a solution for this awkward limitation.

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