Alpha Order

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Having OneNote go into Alphabetical order by pressing a button would be EXTREMELY helpful.  Is this something that is possible?  Is Microsoft working on this for the future?  I have close to 100 pages in my OneNote and REALLY need everything in Alpha order to help my life move a little faster.  I try putting things in order and it doesn't work.  Some pages end up where ever OneNote wants to put them and won't allow me to move them.

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@ckwilliams2, I wish there was any type of sort order but unfortunately there is not. I do see this item on User Voice and votes always help: Sort Pages – Welcome to OneNote and Sticky Notes Suggestion Portal! (


For now, you might consider breaking out the content further with section groups, sections, and adding a hierarchy to your pages with subpages (Create a subpage in OneNote - OneNote ( so you can collapse groups of them