Adding Multiple contacts from Outlook to one page in OneNote

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How do I add multiple contacts from Outlook to one page in OneNote? If I select say 4 contacts and send to OneNote, it seems to add them all on separate pages - I want them all one page called "Contacts" which I have created for a customer Notebook. Is this possible?


I am a long time power user of Outlook, and really trying to get my head around OneNote and OL integration. (I really like that I can apply a workflow of OL tasks to a project/customer!!)


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OK - I have worked out that I can cut and paste from each "Contact" page in OneNote - but I want them by default on the 1 page

Did you find a solution? The only way I can think of is after creating a note for each contact then create a note with links to the contacts notes, in the end you will have a list of names that are links to the details of the contacts. It's very sad not to have a better option.