Adding a new required attendee to all meetings in my calendar (in batch)

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I have two Outlook accounts. In the O365 calendar of the main one I have 1000+ items, both meetings and appointments. In the O365 calendar of the secondary one I have only a few events.


I would like people in the organization of my secondary account to see my Free/Busy times including the events in my main calendar. At the same time, I don't want my secondary account to result as the organizer of all the newly added events. As a consequence, I cannot simply copy all my items from the main calendar to the secondary calendar, I have to create a meeting on my primary account, then add my secondary account as required attendee. *


I can create meetings for all my future events but that doesn't transfer to my past appointments/meeting. How can I convert all my past appointments/meeting of my primary account to meetings with the secondary account as required attendee in a programmatic way (batch conversion of all the items)?





*This procedure has the added bonus that any event edited on my main calendar would also be modified in the secondary one

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