Add a new page contineous A4 in One Note

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I am using office365 subscription and I use OneNote for work

1: I have a notebook

2 : I have sub sections

3: I have created diff topics in the subsection.


What I need

1: One subsection I have made the default page setup to be A4 and I use my pen to write to that when I print it fits in A4. I have used the entire page and now I want a page 2 there to keep the info continuous in the same section.

How do I do that please?


I have tried

CTRL N : It add a new page to the entire section and not to the page I was working on.

Insert page does the same thing

Some forum suggested I keep writing and it auto adds new page as MsWord. But it dosent.


Can anyone tell me how to fix this please?!AhUaGJt0lrcR4AjdkgWAXdqex5_f?e=LB5Kxp


Above is the link to the notebook I am trying to add page

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