Ability to work natively with vectors - importing & exporting SVG's

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Presently using the native W10 version, and looking at getting the (appropriate) o365 sub if the binary will meet my specific needs.


Been using Miro as a collaborative (infinite) whiteboard for Co-design work, but moving to OneNote as I need to be able to carry on working when offline, and possibly integrate with other parts for the 365/cloud stack for my workflow.


In discussion with sales, tech & support, it seems that there are differences in the binaries for the native W10 app, the o365 app & the 2016/2019 standalone versions, but these seem to be mostly superficial, as they seem to share much the same codebase.


My single biggest need is to (collaboratively) work with objects as vectors (SVG) in OneNote, rather than getting them 'flattened' to bitmaps (PNG) when importing and exporting, so that I am able to:

  • Pull objects & groups apart so that I can manipulate them after the fact, e.g. models & diagrams
  • Import & export into other apps & stacks, e.g. 3D modelling
  • Arbitrary scaling without quality loss, arbitrarily changing attributes, eg. preso's & workshops.

From what I can tell, OneNote is already essentially a vector-based tool, else some basic functionality would be virtually impossible.


So, the question(s) become:

  • is there a fundamental difference in the different OneNote binaries, and if so, what?
    Is there a comparison chart that I can query to figure out which one would have the requisite functionality for me to get my work done?
  • is there a way I'm unfamiliar with re how to import/export & working with vectors as SVG's, in a way that would allow me to work with these assets in other apps & suites?
  • am I simply barking up the wrong tree, and OneNote is not the right tool for the job?
    If so, is there something in the other MS offerings that's a better fit or something else entirely?
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