Benefits of PowerApps vs Teams Lists

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Whats te benefit of PowerApps if you can add Lists at your Teams, and edit there?

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Power Apps (and Power Platform) is a low-code development platform to build apps that connect to various data sources, including Microsoft Lists. In cases where makers or developers want to build a net-new app, Power Platform provides all the tools to get started with less friction and publish apps in no time. 


Microsoft Lists is an app that enables Microsoft 365 users to quickly create a list that helps to collaborate with their peers to track information. It provides all the necessary capabilities and features for your users to get started to organize and track work. As always, the app is extensible for power users and makers to configure and customize the app with features built on SharePoint and with Power Platform. 


With respect to the app experiences, the apps are available in different hosts. For Power Platform Dataflex apps (new name for CDS), the apps will be only available in Teams app. However, Microsoft Lists will be available in the Lists app, SharePoint Online and within Teams app as well.