What is purpose of Review Center Site collection template in SPO/Office 365

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Hi team,

As I am going through a different type of newly available site collection template in Office 365 Which is only available for global administrator user.

I have also searched on MSDN and Sharepoint blog but didn't found any document regarding the purpose of this template and what will be target audience where this site template best fits.

It looks likes Microsoft have accidentally added this template or may be hidden feature which is not documented yet. Who knows !!

I have attached screenshot of location of where we find Review Center template

If Anyone knows about this template please let us know.


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Yeap, seeing the same template and just creating a site collection now

Have you found any use of this site collection then?

Not really, it seems very useless IMHO....is just a site collection with a Review items list...no idea of the purpose of this new template