View only one reseller licence with Get-MsolAccountSku

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Hi All,

I work for an MSP/O365 reseller, and every so often we do a licence audit to check that our clients aren't being over/underbilled for licences.


I've created a powershell script which will get all of the licences assigned to a tenant, and how many are in use, but we have an issue where they might buy licences off multiple resellers.


 Get-MsolAccountSku will give me the total number of licences a tenant has across all resellers, so when we match that against our records, it looks like tenants are being underbilled by 20 or 30 licences, which makes people nervous... So is there a way of filtering it by who they buy the licences from? 

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Not via PowerShell afaik, but you should see separate bundles in the admin portal UI.

That’s true, but then means someone has to go back and check once the script has run - ideally it would be nice to be able to set it off and get results without having to go back through manually.