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I'm starting with O365 defender, so maybe this is a dumb question, sorry.

Some users report the e-mails as phishing and I can see this submissions in O365 defender, no problem so far.


When I analyze one of this submissions and choose "Mark and notify as Phishing", for example. The sender is automatic blocked to reach any other user through e-mail in my organization or my action only apply for the user who reported, or not even that and applies only for the specific analyzed message?


Thanks in advance.

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Only applies to the recipients of this specific messages. If you want to block the sender altogether, use the Take actions button instead (if viewing a specific entry) or the Submit to Microsoft for analysis one.
Thanks for quick response, Vasil.
So, "Mark and notify as Phishing" will block any future messages from the same sender to the same recipient, thats correct?

No, it only affects the message in question.