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When I export all active users as a CSV from the Admin section, there is no column for Status. Even though this is prominent column in the view. Sorting by status is one of the most useful requirements. A client is requesting this which makes complete sense. Unless I am missing something?


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Hi @Andrew Gilleran,


That report indeed doesn't contain the status.


An easier way to do this is using PowerShell:



Get-MSOLUser -All

You will then get an overview of all users including their UserPrincipleName, DisplayName and if they are licensed or not.


I agree with Pieter...PowerShell reports are currently more reliable and will provide you more information about your users and licenses assigned thant what you see in the Admin center

Thanks guys. But the client won't be using PowerShell! Hard enough getting to use the Admin area.

Hi @Andrew Gilleran,


The client of course doesn't have to use PowerShell. Simply create a scheduled PowerShell to run on a daily basis and then send the output to a file in SharePoint. Converting a PowerShell into xml isn't too difficult.