User not locked out, but still getting 'Locked" error when trying to login.

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Hey all! 


I have a user that is "locked out" and getting this error when trying to login. 



When I look at their account in AD it says they are not locked out. We have been waiting for an hour and idk how to unlock the account. Any suggestions?



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Run gpupdate /force on the user policy then force log out all sessions. Change the PW in Admin and have them log back in, should be right as rain. Ran into this once, this fixed it for me.


Can elaborate more on that? Are using Microsoft 365 account? If yes, ADFS or point to Azure AD directly?

@TuckerGreen I am experiencing this issue for many users in my tenant.
I always have to reset the password from Local AD and then run a Delta sync on AD Connect Server which works.
I am not sure why the issue is happening, when the users gets this error the account is neither locked not disabled in AD.

Can someone please help me on this.
Raised a case with Microsoft Tech Support however they are not able to find whats causing the issue.

Checked the Azure Sign in Logs as well however the information is quite generic.