Usage Reports - Data Inconsistency

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I've been struggling with the data in usage reports especially SharePoint Site Usage Report and OneDrive Usage Report.


  1. When I export the details CSV from SharePoint Site Usage, it contains an entry for OneDrive Collection i.e. The file-count number here beats me. When I try to correlate this number with the OneDrive Usage, there is no URL which matches this number. So, what is this OneDrive root entry and the number of files therein in the SharePoint Site Usage? 

Yes, I know OneDrive-fB is SharePoint, but then what is the point of including that in the SharePoint Site Usage when there is a separate OneDrive Usage Report? I mean it just adds to the confusion and moreover inflates the number. 



  1. The other confusion is about conflating System Files with User Files. Why? Our management doesn't give a **bleep** about the number of system files in each site. They only want user-adoption and usage, and hence only user files. Currently the mixed up numbers create tremendous confusion as this report does not match with the user documents on any site.

Can anything be done about this?



  1. The SharePoint Site Usage Report gives data only for top-level site-collections and O365 Group sites. Is the file-count number against the top-level site-collection a roll-up of all sub-sites? Anyway, this doesn't serve the purpose for our management reporting. We have a lot of sub-sites under a top-level site-collection, for example - we have many project sub-sites under a "Projects" site-collection. And, we need usage report numbers for each of the project, which is not there. A rolled-up number for the site-collection is meaningless.

Can anything be done about this?



  1. And lastly, the sum of "Active File Count" in SharePoint Site Usage Report and the sum of "Viewed or Edited File Count" in SharePoint Activity Report; do not match! Is there anything I am missing here?


We are struggling to find value in the existing usage reports. Unless the above points are addressed, I think I will have to spend considerable time and effort with PowerShell, and then spend more time merging the O365 Groups site data with my custom data. I am certainly not too inclined to do this. 


@Anne Michels can you help?


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@Anne Michels Any thoughts?

@Abhimanyu Singh  Wow. No response. Telling... We're dealing with similar issues, where there's very little value added by these reports.