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Is there a way to create a page like the Usage Report from the admin center for a user that doesn't have admin privilege? Is this something that can be done via Graph? We would like to create a page with the usage report for our execs.


This is the page I am referring to:

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A "view-only admin" role is often requested, but such doesnt exists yet. @Anne Michels might be able to correct me if I missed some announcement :)


Graph support was announced at Ignite, you can check the session:

Yeap, It's asolutely possible...indeed there are third party products that provide this reporting capabilities:

Hi Ricardo,

we're currently working on a reporting role but don't have an ETA for it yet. The easiest way to share the reports will e the content pack for PoweBI at this point. We just announced a limited preview in our Ignite session last week. You can watch a recording here:



I second Anne's suggestion of using Power BI. The web-based will let you easily publish reports via a URL or iFrame (after you've added the content pack) without needing to give people Office 365 Admin access.

Then if you want to get fancy, publish that content to a site in Sharepoint Online that the execs have access to.


Depending on why they want that information though, have you also considered Delve Analytics?

Execs wont be able to see individual usage but aggregated information on productivity.