Usage Location Change by Assigning Licence

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hi all, I've noticed some odd behaviour when assigning (normally) Power BI License's to users. It seems to change the usage location value in AAD/Office 365. Mailbox and OneDrive seem to stay in original region but not the Usage Location. 



* AADConnect synced AD Users

* Users existing in Office 365 longer than 12 months

* Users Always set to AU Usage location

* Assign PowerBI Pro Licence (usually using Newer Assign Licences Method from Licencing Screen

* Cannot guarantee I haven't used the legacy method of just going into a user in and assigning it directly

* Some time later, Usage Location US (Or in 2 users cases GB)


It's taken me awhile to figure out it was a PowerBI Change but the 2 GB users never got PowerBI and they changed at some point as well, so I don't think its Power BI Licences exclusively but it seems to be after adding/changing some licences via some method results in a Usage Location Change. 


AAD Audit log for the two most recent users is doesn't say anything about location change in the log. 


I'm leaning towards it being the newer assign Licence to Users, vs the more legacy Assign User to Licences but haven't isolated it down to that level.


Anyone else experienced this? 

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@LT22 We are experiencing something similar!  We have just moved to Teams for calling and we noticed that some of our users had reverted to the US from the UK.  It makes a difference in teams when making a call if you are in the wrong location.  Thanks for posting this, tomorrow if I have time I will change a couple of licences and see if I get the same result as you.  We are also AADConnect synced AD Users its been baffling us for a few weeks now.  Will post back with results.

@Tanya Denton really grateful I'm not going insane. I didn't think about Teams voice as we are not using it. 


Its hunch but I think its to do with the Newer looking flyouts(?) like

* --> Users --> Active Users

* --> Billing --> Licences --> Assign Licence Screen


vs the older looking ones like

* --> Search for a user from very first page --> User --> Edit Licences

* (Classic mode)


but again that's just a hunch. Looking forward to your results!

@LT22 well I would not be surprised if I was going insane its been confusing us for a few weeks now! Do you mean this screen?  If so I have just made some licence changes to a user so I will see what happens in the next 24hrs.


@Tanya Denton Yes that screen is the 'Newer' flyout(?) / screen. I think it came along with newer version of 


However, if you use the search on the very first page at the top in and browse a user, it shows you the older (Classic?) looking user management flyout(?) / screen which I THINK doesn't have the issue. 


@LT22  how long did it take yours to change after making the licence change?

@Tanya Denton I haven't timed it as I was just running the query every few weeks and fixed some up a few weeks ago. Only reason I figured it out was two users were now showing US instead of AU and those specific users got the PowerBI License which made me look down that path.