Updates to Azure AD PowerShell module might cause Admins some work


A new version of the Azure AD module for PowerShell is on the way. The prefix for cmdlets changes from Msol to AzureAD, some cmdlets are dropped, some new cmdlets are available, and some parameters change too. All in all, it's going to be fun updating all the scripts that admins have developed to help automate Office 365 operations, not to mention the need to test everything afterwards... More on this in https://www.itunity.com/article/office-365-ems-cmdlets-3472

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I think the name change is for the better... Makes more sense, but... I do agree: those scripts need a lot of fixes... ;)
One way of looking at the situation is that it provides an invaluable opportunity to review all the scripts that you have with an eye on rewriting them to be even more spectacularly brilliant using the AAD V2 module...
ANOTHER good way to look at it. ;) All kidding aside, the naming alone is worth the change....

...at least until the branding changes again...  I get the feeling that AAD can be the next LCS/OCS/Lync/Skype for Business in terms of frequency of version and name changes...  Which manager "owns" this today?

I'll find the right person to get engaged on this thread regarding AAD.
I've been nagging you guys to get us people from the AAD team to harass for ages now :) No one was around on Yammer, hopefully we will have few members of the team here, regularly.
Thanks Jeff... The potential impact of the change that the developers are making on scripts is pretty large when you come to think about it, including within Office 365 itself. It would be good to have some of the program managers participate here so that they can understand some of the very real concerns that exist when changes of this nature are contemplated.

Thank you for the update, Tony.


As someone that uses PowerShell automation for basically anything- I have a lot of reviewing to do, and it would be especially frustrating explaining this to clients... Smiley Mad


All I can find in the documentation is a list of cmdlets in the V2 module, finding all the retired\modified ones can be a project on it's own!

Is there anywhere that I can see all the retired cmdlets and the new corresponding ones?

Will there be a conversion tool available to help scan existing scripts and report where changes need to be made?

Perhaps they'll keep the legacy names as aliases to the new tool?

V2 of the Azure Active Directory PowerShell module attained General Availability status on December 5. Some work remains to be done before the module is functionaly equivalent to V1, but when that happens you're going to have to rewrite any scripts that leverage the -Msol cmdlets.