Unable to Update Address in Admin Center

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Hello All,


I've had this problem for months and unfortunately have not had any luck with a support ticket.  I thought I would post here to see if anyone else has encountered this or has any work arounds.


Last summer our company moved into new offices and we began the process of updating our business address everywhere.  For Admin Center, this means we need to update the billing address with the credit card on file as well as our organization address.


The problem is whenever I go to update the address, and type in the new one and click save, I get the following error:

"Your address was not recognized. Please check the city/state/zip code combination and try again."


I think I'm getting this because the new office is a new address issued by the city about a year ago, and it is not in whatever address verification check Admin Center uses when saving addresses.  We've been able to change it everywhere else, it's updated on Google Maps, but I can't save it in Admin Center either when updating the billing address on our credit card payment method or under Org Settings > Organization Information.  I have been unable to change this for more than 6 months.


My main concern is that I know financial institutions often use billing address as part of their verification logic when deciding whether or not to approve a credit card transaction.  I don't want an upcoming O365 charge to get rejected because the billing address doesn't match.  The support agents suggested switching over to invoice billing, however we don't meet the minimum license requirements.  The accounting department doesn't want to get a new credit card just for this one issue, especially when it's fine for all our other vendors and the financial institution won't issue us a card with an address we don't occupy.


Has anyone encountered this or have any ideas for a work around?  Surely with all the customers Microsoft has, we aren't the first ones to move into a new office building and encounter something like this.


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Best open a support case, they should be able to update it on your behalf.
I did open a support case and they are unable to change the address. Their recommendation is just to wait for the system to accept the new address, however it’s been more than half a year and it still won’t take the new address.

Sure, I could have told you that as well, without you being a paying customer of mine... The least they can do is escalate to the next level, and relay the issue to the engineering team.

@Clint Oliveira I'm not trying to update a user's address.  I'm trying to update the address of the Organization in Admin Center.  Can I pass set-azureaduser an organization object?

Sorry set-azureaduser will not work at an organization level. I had done this at an organization level in the past. I'll be at my system tomorrow will update then.
@camkerr have you tried this from the Azure admin center portal.azure.com instead of the office 365 Admin center?
Just tried it. I get a similar error with a different description when trying to save the new address: "Check your address. There appears to be an error in it." Looks like it may use the same address verification check on the back end.

Probably. You will need to contact Microsoft Billing. They can update your billing address in their internal tools. The zip that you can set in Azure can be one that is close to your current location


@camkerrsorry for the delay. This is what I was looking for. I used this a while ago to update billing accounts. I am not sure if this will run the same checks as the portal, however I would suggest that you give this a try before contacting Microsoft Billing. Hope this helps.
az billing account update --name "{billingAccountName}" --display-name "Test Account" --sold-to address-line1="Test Address 1" city="Redmond" company-name="Contoso" country="US" first-name="Test" last-name="User" postal-code="12345" region="WA"

This appears to update the Azure billing, but not the Admin Center billing (for 365 licenses).
Great. As long as billing is updated you should be all set. You can check or verify this with support so that it's documented. Replication might take time. So you can ask support to run a full sync on your tenant it their tool.