Unable to create a site in sharefpoint

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Trying to create a site in share point but cannot create it as it does not show me the option to create and shows  nothing. I was provided with Sharepoint administrator privileges and still cannot see it.


I want to basically create a folder and assign permissions to users so that they can access the files from the common folder and upload and download files.
You don't have permission to save changes.
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Is SharePoint site creation disabled? (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/manage-site-creation)
If so, even with a Global Admin account, you cannot create a SharePoint site from SharePoint site page. However, you could still create SharePoint site from the Sharepoint Admin Center.

Note that disabling SharePoint site creation, does not disable Teams site creation (and behind it SharePoint site creation).
I tried to create from the Sharepoint admin center and I was not able to. I am sure that I should have the Sharepoint administrator enabled for me to create a site and work on it. I think, I do not have it.
Can you share a screenshot of the SPO Admin Center?
Sure, can I upload an image here? I do not see an option to upload the image