Unable to access Office 365 admin account

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Hi Team,


I am the administrator of the domain of my organization xyz0.onmicrosoft.com. Unfortunately, I am currently unable to access it because I lost my phone, and I no longer have the Authenticator app.

Additionally, I do not have a mobile number, or a recovery email associated with my account, making it challenging to regain access to my portal.


On a positive note, I do have a personal account with the same email address, which I can access. I also remember the password for my business admin account. However, due to the loss of my mobile phone and the Authenticator app, I am unable to login as I don't have 2FA code.


I urgently need your assistance because I need to migrate all my Rackspace emails to Microsoft. Please let me know what information or verification I require to confirm that I am the administrator of this account..


Thanks for your help.

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Hi, so you didnt have a breakglass Account? :\

Its difficult to recover your Admin Account in your Situation. Did you maybe add the 2nd Auth Methode, like mail or sms?

Did you have a B2B Connection in this Tenant? Maybe so you can access with an Admin from a another Tenant?

Best regards



It seems not necessary unless your have another admin account under your tenant or MFA is not enforced in your environment

Not sure why its enforcing but there is no any other admin account for same domain :(


I don't have any additional methods linked to that account. This is because I had two accounts associated with the same email address, one for personal use and another for work and school purposes. This created some confusion, and I set up all the necessary configurations for my personal account but inadvertently missed doing so for the administrator work or school account.

Now, when I attempted to acquire office licenses for the business account and tried to add a domain to the DNS, it informed me that the same domain is already linked to my account. Unfortunately, I am unable to access my account at the moment due to 2FA.