Top 5 External Senders?

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I wish to find the best way (and alternative ways) to find out which external parties send the most email to users in my tenant.


I cannot seem to find this straightforward and simple information on the Admin Center!


For example, I get ten times more email from the job boards I am registered on, than I do from Ocado.


Hopefully, someone here knows.

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Have you tried the ”Sent and received email report”?

Regards, Magnus
Hi @Chris Morley

AFAIK, I don't think there is anything native to the Microsoft 365 admin portal that gives this currently. It is claimed in this support case but I can't personally claim or verify that

So, if it does great, if not there is a script here which you may be able to generate a report from the message trace logs -

In addition, many well known third party gateways, or 3rd party reporting tools would have this functionality. Just type in something like 'Office 365 Mail traffic reports'

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Hey @Chris Morley 


Best I can find is in the Office 365 admin center, open up Office 365 Security and Compliance center


then go to mail flow > dashboard and click on the mailflow map


On the right click on the 'view details button' - it'll show a table of which direction and which domain email was sent to summarized. For example:


Mail fow report.png You can adjust the filter for which day(s) this applies to. You can also have the report emailed to you.


For the example above, the tenant is pure 365 - no hybrid business or funky connectors, which might complicate the report. Hopefully this can be a useful starting point.