Service Request links not working anymore


Hi Guys,


Since this morning i'm unable to click on the New service request and View service requests anymore.

The hyperlink is gone. Somebody removed the hyperlinks by accident?





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I have not seen just that problem, but Microsoft is chaing the way service request is working in Office 365. Basically, they are removing the old request pages and replacing it by an integrated panel where you can talk about your problem and indicate if you want to be contacted by phone or by e-mail in regards of your problem

Same issue with IE11 and Edge in my tenant(s). It would've been funny if there werent a gazillion complaints about the new support experience already...


Use the "Need help" button on the lower right corner as a workaround.

I get this same issue in Chrome on my dev tenant.  Not the best timing with what I suppose you'd call the controversy around the changes to Office 365 support. That need help button does indeed work as Vasil pointed out.

best response confirmed by Erwin Bierens (MVP)

Thanks everybody for flagging. We've shared this with our engineering team and they are currently looking into this.



any news on this, i cannot get to a service request i logged last week to be able to prompt for an update

Hi Tanya, this issue has been fixed. Could you please send us a screenshot of what you're seeing so that we can investigate?



Every time I click on View Service Requests from either the left nav or the home page link, the attached fly out appears which does not give me an option to view 'existing' service requests.
@Anne Michels - the problem I believe is that any old tickets created prior to the new experience were not showing. I have just created a new one and now when I go to View Existing Requests, I can see the newly created one. So going forward I think we are OK.

Hi Tanya, 

There are some customers who currently are experiencing a limited support functionality that might not allow them to see their support history or to open multiple tickets.  We're working on bringing this functionalty back to all customers soon.



Many thanks, luckily for us we only had one previous tickets so not a big deal or us. Thanks for the quick response Anne