Server-side auto-response

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I have enabled auto-response for three users in the Office 365 Exchange Server admin centre. I know it's enabled because when the user opens their Outlook, they get a message at the top of the screen telling them auto-response is enabled, and giving them the option to turn it off. However, no auto-response is ever sent. Any ideas?

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It's one time per account, until the setting is disabled/toggled back on. So if you "tested" it once, you wont receive any further replies until reset.
That’s kind of you Vasil. Thank you. Funnily enough, one of the three has sprung into life, but the other two have never sent an auto-response (not even one). Best wishes.
And now all three are working. Must be your psychic powers (or the services talking time to implement the command). Thank you so much for your attention. I appreciate it.


You may look in detail by using message trace