Semi Annual to Monthly Enterprise

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Good Evening All, 


So as daft as this is going to sound and someone is going to pop up and say 'oh that's easy you do it like this'. We are currently in the Semi Annual Enterprise and are wanting to move to the monthly enterprise. 

That being said devices are not enrolled in Intune either. 

How will I base all of my E5 users or move our sub tenancy to the more frequent channel and how will that look getting everyone else set up on that ?

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Hi @G_Ad_G,


There are a multitude of options to move update channels. The recommended and simplest will be Cloud Update via You can use the Switch device update channel feature to move groups of devices from SAEC to MEC and maintain updates for those devices. Here are 2 resources to help get you started:

Overview of cloud update in the Microsoft 365 Apps admin center - Deploy Office | Microsoft Learn

Change update channel to prepare devices for Copilot - Deploy Office | Microsoft Learn