Same alias, multiple domains, different mailboxes

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I'm looking for how to set up shared mailboxes such that I have email address removed for privacy reasons, email address removed for privacy reasons, and email address removed for privacy reasons on different shared mailboxes.

365 Admin Center won't let me. Exchange Admin Center lets me, but then it doesn't actually work.

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@Mike Hammett 

Seem some content was rephrased due to privacy issue, can you explain on the situation instead?



I really hate it when forums do that. I can obfuscate what I want obfuscated.


I have multiple domains and I want to have a sales shared mailbox on each domain.

Could you please explain what do you mean saying "Exchange Admin Center lets me, but then it doesn't actually work."? What exactly doesn't work?

@Victor Ivanidze 


Emails to it were bouncing, but they did end up working. I guess I wasn't patient enough for propagation.


I can't work them in 365 Admin Center in any way - I must do anything with them in Exchange Admin Center. That's not the worst of things.


Is there a better way of doing what I'm trying to do?

Even with previous replies, I can't understand what's preventing you from creating the shared mailboxes. Could you go a little further into detail?





I cannot create a "sales at domain2dotcom" when I already have a "sales at domain1dotcom". I can only create unique entries to the left of the @ symbol.

Hm. I have a tenant with multiple domains and I was able to successfully make a duplicate e-mail address with 2 different domains. Although the first 2 attempts at this I was met with an endless loading screen. Do you receive an error message or an issue similar to mine?