Role for managing Out-of-Office in admin center

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Hey guys,

we are just empowering our helpdesk to handle more tasks.
We want them to set out of office replies in a smooth way.

I know how to do this via powershell, OWA or the Exchange Admin Center.
In Exchange the role "User Options" is needed for that.

But this will not activate this option in the admin center.


Is there a less privileged role than GA or Exchange admin which can manage this OOF setting?

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The M365 admin center doesnt respect any Exchange-specific roles/role groups, you can only use the "default" roles such as Global admin/User admin. Stick to the EAC if you want proper control.


@Nino Bilic perhaps something that you folks needs to address in the future.

I guessed so, but is the user Admin or the helpdesk Admin able to use this feature in the Admin Center?