Retire MS365 Tenant and move users to new tenant

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Hi Community,

I would like to ask you for help to come through the following challenge:


A friend of mine Setup a 365 Tenant, added some users and Setup SharePoint.

The Tenant is not connected to a Domain yet, no emails are in the mailboxes yet. 


He would now like to retire this tenant and move the users to a new tenant because the old tenant was created with a wrong Name. There are a couple of documents stored on SharePoint but they can be easily manually moved.


What are the steps to be taken to Setup a new tenant and migrate the licenses and users? The usernames should stay the same and he does of Course not like to buy new licenses.


Thanks for your help!

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To migrate licenses, you need to contact Billing support. Everything else needs to be done manually by you, although you can automate parts of the process via PowerShell or the Graph API. There are third-party tools that make the process a lot easier, but I suppose this will be an overkill for your scenario.