Report of users authenticated/logged in to O365/Outlook alonig with Outlook/Office version

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Hi, we're moving to the modern Office authenticaiton and it's not compatible with Office 2010 an below. Now I need to identify the users who are currently using Outlook 2010 and older and any other Office product that'll be effected by this change, to upgrade the Outlook/Office to a higher version. I did ask my O365 admin, and he got me a reprot of user sign-ins with the following columns, but I don't see the Oulook/Office verison on this to use to identify the computers or users to upgrade. Date (UTC) - Request ID - Correlation ID - User ID - User - Username - Application - Application ID - IP address - Location - Status - Sign-in error code - Failure reason - Client app - Device ID - Browser - Operating System - Compliant - Managed - Join Type - MFA result - MFA auth method - MFA auth detail - Conditional access Is there a better report on the Admin protal? and if so, could you give me the path to it or how to extract it so I'll be able to communicate it with my Office admin?
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It's hard getting this information from O365 side, best use some tool or script that crawls the machines in your inventory and reports on the Office version.