Recovery of a mailbox past 30 days deleted.

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Is it possible to recover a user and their mailbox past 30 days since deletion?  I have a user deleted permanently about 45 - 60 days ago and now we need their mailbox back.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

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Did you place it on hold?

Did you already try to see if you can undelete it?

This is why inactive mailboxes exist. If you think that even a smidgen of a chance exists that you will need a mailbox past the 30-day deletion retention period, you put it on hold before you delete the account. The mailbox will stay in place and available for recovery as long as the hold exists. That being said, to answer the question, no - after 30 days (approximately) the mailbox is removed and cannot be recovered, unless you use a service like to take online backups.